The pioneer and only company in its field in the production of Test Equipment in international standards and turnkey laboratory installation

About Us

Our company, which provides services in the production, import and export of Test Equipment, aims to supply quality and international standards by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront with its expert staff.

Since the first day of its establishment, Multitech Technology has made continuous development its goal and is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand by using advanced technology in the test equipment sector and providing quality service to its customers.

Our company, which is responsible for customer expectations in the test equipment sector, and aims for excellence in the whole business process that constantly improves itself, offers high reliability and quality products in accordance with the standards to the use of the consumer in a timely manner.

In addition to test devices, technical service, product development and software development of these devices are also carried out within our company.

We have an engineering service with integrated device development, design and production capacity according to customer requirements.

Multitech Teknoloji provides products and services to both end users and manufacturers and marketing companies in the world market, as well as private institutions, state institutions and universities in Turkey.

It is our basic principle to complete the works we undertake on time and according to customer requests, by keeping quality in the forefront with our well-trained, experienced, attentive and dynamic engineer staff.

By prioritizing effective communication with our customers, it strives to share regular information flow and the latest innovations of technology with our customers.


Services provided by our company

Cable Processing Machinery Manufacturing and Sales

  • Cable Cutting, Stripping Machines
  • Cable Crimping, Crimping Machines
  • Cable Winding, Bundling and Twisting Machines
  • Cable Testing Devices

Device Repair Maintenance Repair Services

  • Device Testing and Diagnostics
  • Repair with Part Replacement
  • General Care and Cleaning
  • Device Test After Repair Completion
  • Device Revision
  • Instrument Post Repair Calibration (If Desired)

Tamirini Yaptığımız Bazı Cihazlar

  • Insulation Testing Equipment
  • Insulation Oil Testing Equipment
  • High Voltage Splitters
  • Soil Resistance and Continuity Testers
  • Cable Controllers
  • Transformer Conversion Ratio and Winding Resistance Tester
  • Transformer Test Equipment

Test Equipment Manufacturing and Sales

  • Lighting Test Equipment
  • Electrical Appliances Testing Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Testing Equipment
  • Plug, Socket, Switch Test Equipment
  • IP Testers and Probes
  • Cable Testers
  • Mechanical Impact Testing Equipment
  • Relay and Breaker Test Equipment
  • Conditioning and Vibration Testing Equipment
  • Transformer Testing Equipment
  • Combustion Testers
  • High Voltage Testers

Our Consulting Services

  • TS EN ISO/IEC 17020/17025 Accreditation Consultancy
  • TSE Certificate Consultancy in TS EN 61439-AG Panels
  • TS EN 60076-TSE Certificate Consultancy on Transformers
  • TSE Certificate Consultancy in TS EN 60947-AG Circuit Breakers Product Group
  • TS EN 60598-TSE Certificate Consultancy in the Lighting Product Group
  • TS EN 62271-TSE Certificate Consultancy in Medium Voltage Product Group
  • TS EN 60044-TSE Certificate Consultancy in the Measuring Transformers Product Group
  • On TS EN 62208-Empty Enclosures for Low Voltage Panels
  • TS EN 60335-Electrical Household Appliances Product Group TSE Certification Consultancy


Test Equipment

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